Naturehood activities!

This is a collage which shows children at our allotment with the title: Nature activities, May-June 2023

Rose Hill Junior Youth club will be working with Earthwatch, who will be delivering nature themed activities through their Naturehood project at our youth club allotment!

Each week, the Naturehood project will introduce our children to fun nature themed activities.

The sessions will be taking place during our Wednesday youth club sessions, with youth club staff accompanying children down to our youth club allotment.

The activities will explore fertilisation, insects, how to grow food, recycling and more!

Thank you Earthwatch for providing fun and informal learning opportunities for our children at JYC!

Check back below for a weekly update about our Naturehood activities.

Earthworm Watch

This week, our children explored the soil in our raised bed. They searched for worms and discovered what role they play in keeping soil healthy. Finding the worms was a lot of fun! The children enjoyed measuring the length of the worms that they found, and will revisit them next week.

Building a worm farm

We built a worm farm that can be used for the next 12 months to process food waste. We can then
use the fertile rich soil on our allotment!

We explored what materials were needed for a good worm farm, and watched as the worms settled into their new home. We will visit them each week!

Planting a pizza garden

This activity helped our children to explore where their food comes from and how it is produced.

They learned about roots, how to nurture the plants, and how to plant different types of seeds.

Once grown, we hope to use these ingredients for our pizza!

Making upcycled planters

This week we explored how we could reuse and recycle in a fun and engaging way in our gardens.

We had fun painting two tyres, which we will then transform into planters!

Next week we will plant some native flowers to attract pollinators.

Planting a pollinator garden

This week we planted lots of lovely flowers in our planters!

We learned about different pollinators, their roles and what flowers they love.

We can’t wait to see them all bloom, and we hope the pollinators enjoy them!

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