Our work with food

Our work with food

Article from Rose Hill News about JYC’S use of surplus
child cuts up watermelon
Cutting up delicious fruits
child choosing what to eat at dinner time at youth club
Getting dinner at youth club

Serving surplus food at youth club

Eating together is a fundamental element of all of our youth club sessions. Our long-standing partnership with two surplus food re-distribution charities, SOFEA & Oxford Food Hub, has allowed us to serve thousands of hot, healthy and delicious meals to children and young people over the years.

At the beginning of a session, children can make their own fruit salad pots. Thanks to our student placements from the Nutrition faculty at Oxford Brookes University, children can learn about different fruits, taste them for the first time, and learn how to cut them up safely, making eating fruit fun!

Towards the end of a session, children can choose what they would like for dinner from our hot buffet selection, cooked by our experienced kitchen team. They then sit with friends and talk to our youth workers about their day. Food brings people together, and the children look forward to dinner time with us.

To learn about how our work with surplus started, watch this video from 2016, below:

Using surplus in food activities

We have always taught children about where food comes from, the benefits of eating healthily, and how to cook nutritious meals. An important part of our youth club sessions and activities during holidays, is to introduce children to new foods in fun ways.

We have run numerous cooking clubs for both children and young people over the years. We encourage children during holiday clubs to help to make their own lunches, including homemade pizza’s and fruity desserts. We have found that if they participate in making food, they’re more likely to try what they have made. Using food in these ways builds self-confidence and teaches children new skills. View our latest cooking club video below:

We have been growing our own fruits and vegetables at our allotment, to read more about our allotment click below, and view our photograohs on Instagram:

Supporting families with surplus

Each week, we receive over 500kg of food to support our youth club sessions, food activities and food bank for families. The food, delivered by SOFEA & Oxford Food Hub helps to support families who need extra support, families on no-low incomes and families isolating due to COVID-19.

“I’ve been using the food bank for a while now and it’s been an absolute life line for my family.”

– Parent who receives food support

Below are some video’s highlighting our food support, if you would like to volunteer or donate food, time and skills to any of the food support projects listed above, please click the buttons below.

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